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Sharada Srinivasan
Sharada Srinivasan

I am Associate Professor of Development Studies in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Guelph.

My research is located within the broad field of gender and development and has a strong focus on social justice. I have explored gender discrimination, violence, generational dynamics, well-being, and empowerment through research on sex ratio imbalance, daughter discrimination, and related gendered practices, domestic violence, and youth and farming.

Recent funded research include: Becoming a young farmer, married daughters’ contributions to elderly parents’ well-being in India, and international students’ experiences of gender-based violence in Canada. In terms of future research, I am interested in studying daughter-only families in India and South Asian farmers in Canada.

Until recently I held the Canada Research Chair in Gender, Justice and Development (2013–2023), was the inaugural Director of the Canada India Research Centre for Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) (2020–2023), and co-facilitated the People’s Archive of Rural Ontario (PARO).  

Check out these opportunities for students interested in research on racialized farmers in Canada or international students’ experiences of gender-based violence in Canada.


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